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The Síndic in 10 steps

The Síndic de Greuges is the Ombudsman of the Region of Valencia.

Our mission is to enforce the respect of rights and freedoms of people at the Local and Regional Administration.

The Síndic inquires into the causes of the citizens’ complaints in a fast and effective way with total independence.

The Síndic can initiate an investigation ex oficio.

Through the citizens’ queries and our work, the Síndic helps the Administration to offer a better service for citizens.

In the event that the Síndic has no power to study a complaint, we would inform the citizen about the reasons, and every time it is possible, we will try to guide the citizenabout where he/she can go to ask for help.

The Síndic is currently José Cholbi Diego. He was reelected in the Valencian Parliament on 17th July 2014. His term of office is for 5 years.

Ángel Luna and Carlos Morenilla Jiménez are First Assistant and Second Assistant respectively. Their mission is to give him the necessary assistance in his daily work.

It is a totally free service and a lawyer or legal representative is not needed.


The Síndic listens to everyone and every group of people without distinction.