Síndic de greuges

When can we help you?

The Síndic de Greuges as Ombudsman of the Region of Valencia, takes part to verify when it exists a possible violation issued by the Administration of the citizens' rights and freedoms recognised in the Spanish Constitution and in the Statute of Autonomy. These are some examples of the citizens' complaints that we receive daily:

Nuestras investigaciones pueden tener su origen en una iniciativa propia del Síndic tras tener conocimiento de una posible vulneración (son las llamadas quejas de oficio) o en una queja presentada por la ciudadanía, de forma individual o colectivamente.

Estos son algunos de los ejemplos de las quejas que la ciudadanía nos hace llegar y que tramitamos a diario:

  • "A grant for dining in the school has been refused to my daughter by mistake".
  • "I took an oposiciones exam and my merits have not been considered".
  • "I applied for dependency benefits and I still do not have any news from them".
  • "I have been on the waiting list for the orthopaedic surgeon for more than three months".
  • "The bar under my house is too noisy and the Town Council is not working on the matter"
  • "I appealed against a fine and the Town Council has not answered me".
  • "My son is disabled and in his public school there are no sanitary staff to help him".

The Síndic supervises and works for the smooth running of the administrations in the Region of Valencia (Consellerias, Town Councils, Diputación, or even other services handled by dispensation). Our work is free and confidential.